Sicily is an open-air museum and as such everything should be visited. From the Baroque of Val Di Noto in the Greek style of Agrigento.

Those who have not seen Sicily have not traveled, those who have seen it still have so much to discover and those who live there may not even know how much they can boast of.

From our structure it is possible to discover the culture of fishermen and the beauty of the Sicilian beaches, in a charming town like that of Pozzallo.

A few kilometers away you enter Baroque cities such as Modica and Scicli two historical excellences that made Camilleri and all Italians fall in love with them. Ragusa Ibla with the Cathedral of San Giorgio or Noto and its Cathedral.

In a few hours you can reach Agrigento, the valley of the temples and the magic of the Turkish staircase. Enchanted places that remain in the mind and heart of those who visit them.

Sicily is also a land of aromas and flavors, scacce, arancini or arancini, the taste of fish, cannoli and chocolate , are just some of the peculiarities of this land that is ready to amaze you.

And let yourself be carried away …